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The Importance of Epoxy Resin Bushing in Medium Voltage Applications

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Epoxy resin bushing application and features

Why do we need epoxy resin bushing in medium voltage situation?

In the realm of medium voltage electrical systems, reliability and performance are paramount. One critical component that ensures these attributes is the epoxy resin bushing. These bushings play a vital role in the insulation and protection of electrical equipment, particularly in transformers, switchgear, and other medium voltage apparatus. Degatech Electric is at the forefront of manufacturing these essential components.

Here is video of manufacturing process of Epoxy Resin Bushings:

Why epoxy resin bushings from Degatech Electric are essential in medium voltage applications:

1. Superior Electrical Insulation

Epoxy resin bushings from Degatech Electric provide excellent electrical insulation, which is crucial for preventing electrical discharges and ensuring the safe operation of medium voltage systems.

  • High Dielectric Strength: Degatech Electric’s epoxy resin has a high dielectric strength, meaning it can withstand high voltages without breaking down.
  • Consistent Performance: It maintains stable insulation properties over a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions, ensuring consistent performance in various operating environments.

epoxy resin bushing

2. Mechanical Durability

Medium voltage equipment often operates in demanding conditions that can cause significant mechanical stress. Epoxy resin bushings from Degatech Electric are designed to withstand these challenges.

  • Robustness: They offer high mechanical strength, making them resistant to mechanical stress, impacts, and vibrations.
  • Longevity: The material’s durability translates into a longer service life, reducing the frequency of replacements and maintenance.

3. Thermal Stability

Medium voltage systems can generate substantial heat, especially during peak load times. Epoxy resin bushings from Degatech Electric are capable of handling these thermal stresses effectively.

  • Heat Resistance: Degatech Electric’s epoxy resin bushings can withstand high temperatures without degrading, ensuring reliability even in high-heat environments.
  • Low Thermal Expansion: They exhibit low thermal expansion, minimizing the risk of cracking or deformation due to temperature fluctuations.

4. Chemical and Environmental Resistance

The environments in which medium voltage equipment operates can be harsh, with exposure to chemicals, moisture, and other potentially damaging substances.

  • Chemical Resistance: Epoxy resin from Degatech Electric is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, oils, and solvents, preventing corrosion and extending the lifespan of the bushing.
  • Moisture Resistance: It also resists moisture, which is crucial for maintaining electrical insulation properties in humid or wet conditions.

5. Precision and Customizability

The manufacturing process of epoxy resin bushings at Degatech Electric allows for precise control over their dimensions and properties, which is essential for their effective integration into medium voltage systems.

  • Accurate Molding: Epoxy resin can be precisely molded to ensure tight tolerances and exact dimensions, critical for maintaining the integrity of electrical connections.
  • Customizable Properties: The material properties can be tailored to meet specific requirements, allowing for versatile application in various medium voltage systems.

6. Cost-Effectiveness

Investing in high-quality components is crucial for the long-term economic efficiency of medium voltage systems.

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: The durability and reliability of Degatech Electric’s epoxy resin bushings reduce the need for frequent maintenance, lowering operational costs.
  • Long-Term Savings: Their long lifespan and resistance to environmental and mechanical stressors result in significant long-term savings compared to less robust alternatives.

What kinds of epoxy resin bushing do you have for different applications?

We have many different appearance of epoxy resin bushing, here are photos and mold name:

12kV fuse tube bushing

254 bushing

202 double-pass bushing

standard side expansion bushing

environmental switchgear side expansion bushing with sheds

elbow busbar bushing

environmental switchgear top expansion bushing DJHBG238

285 bushing

Environmental friendly switchgaer outlet bushing DJ-12/259






Epoxy resin bushings are indispensable in medium voltage applications due to their superior electrical insulation, mechanical strength, thermal stability, and resistance to environmental factors. Degatech Electric’s epoxy resin bushings ensure the reliable and efficient operation of electrical equipment, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs. As the demand for robust and durable electrical components continues to grow, epoxy resin bushings from Degatech Electric stand out as a critical element in maintaining the integrity and performance of medium voltage systems.

For more information on how Degatech Electric’s epoxy resin bushings can enhance your medium voltage systems, contact us today or visit our website. Ensure your electrical infrastructure is built to last with our cutting-edge solutions.

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