• right side solid insulated switchgear SIS
Eco-Friendly Switchgear 10KV 630A/1250A

The Eco-Friendly Switchgear is an environmentally friendly switchgear designed to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. These devices are often powered by renewable energy sources and are both highly efficient and low-emission.

Spring Mechanical Structure

Spring mechanical structure is a kind of mechanical structure that uses springs for mechanical transmission and control. It usually consists of springs, supports, transmissions, etc,.and can be used in a variety of mechanical devices and systems.

  • vacuum circuit breaker for eco-friendly switchgear front side
Eco-Friendly VCB

Environmentally-friendly vacuum circuit breakers play an important role in the power system, with the advantages of 0SF6 gas emissions, high efficiency, long service life, and recyclability, which can ensure the safety of electrical equipment and personnel, and also help reduce the negative impact on the environment.