• right side solid insulated switchgear SIS
Eco-Friendly Switchgear

The Eco-Friendly Switchgear is an environmentally friendly switchgear designed to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. These devices are often powered by renewable energy sources and are both highly efficient and low-emission.

  • transformer

Transformers are one of the most common components in electrical energy transmission systems. They can be used to boost or de-voltage electrical signals and distribute electrical energy through cables, insulated wires, or other forms of wire.

Epoxy resin insulation

Medium and high voltage insulators are used to support and insulate electrical conductors in power transmission and distribution systems,They are designed to withstand high electrical stresses and environmental conditions.Insulators are designed to provide electrical insulation and mechanical support to prevent electrical leakage and flashovers.

Vacuum interrupter

Vacuum tube it is a device used to amplify, switch and regulate electronic signals. It consists of a vacuum-sealed glass tube containing one or more electrodes, which generate electrons by heating the cathode, and form a flow of electrons through acceleration and control of the electric field, so as to achieve the amplification and control of electronic signals.