Solid insulated switchgear SIS and Zinc sprayed vacuum circuit breaker

Degatech’s 10kV Solid Insulated Switchgear 

Degatech’s 10kV Solid Insulated Switchgear with Zinc-Sprayed Vacuum Circuit Breaker: Enhancing Medium Voltage Solutions

Degatech Solid Insulated Switchgear stands as a testament to innovation and sustainability in medium voltage technology. With its eco-friendly design, solid insulation, and customer-centric approach, it exemplifies our commitment to providing reliable and efficient solutions for the evolving energy landscape.

  1. Comparing with traditional RMU, what features does Solid Insulated Switchgear has:

Solid Insulated Switchgear SIS 10KV Inner side of Degatech's Solid Insulated Switchgear SIS

  • Design and Insulation of SIS:

Ring Main Unit (RMU): The Ring Main Unit, a longstanding workhorse in power distribution, typically features gas-insulated or air-insulated components. While effective, these designs may present challenges in terms of size, maintenance, and the potential environmental impact of insulating gases.

10KV Solid Insulated Switchgear SIS: Degatech Electric’s 10KV SIS takes a leap forward with advanced solid insulation technology, utilizing materials such as epoxy resin. This design eliminates the need for gases, making 10KV SIS more environmentally friendly and reducing the risk of leakage or maintenance associated with gas-insulated solutions.

  • Compactness and Space Utilization of SIS:

Ring Main Unit (RMU): RMUs are known for their reliability, but they can be relatively bulky due to the insulation methods used. This can pose challenges in urban or space-constrained environments where efficient use of space is crucial.

10KV Solid Insulated Switchgear SIS: Degatech’s 10KV SIS, with its compact design and use of solid materials, addresses the space-related limitations of traditional RMUs. 10KV SIS allows for more flexible installations, making it suitable for applications where space optimization is a priority, especially in the context of 10-kilovolt systems.

parameter of Degatech's Solid Insulated Switchgear SIS

  •  Environmental Impact of Solid Insulated Switchgear:

Ring Main Unit (RMU): Gas-insulated RMUs may use sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) or other gases, which can contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and pose environmental concerns.

10KV Solid Insulated Switchgear SIS: 10KV SIS stands out as an environmentally friendly alternative, utilizing solid materials that do not emit gases. This aligns with the global shift towards sustainable and eco-conscious practices in various industries, with particular relevance to 10-kilovolt applications.

  •  Maintenance and Reliability of Solid Insulated Switchgear:

Ring Main Unit (RMU): While RMUs have proven their reliability over the years, regular maintenance is essential, especially when dealing with gas-insulated components. Gas leakage or insulation issues may require attention.

10KV  SIS: Solid insulation in 10KV SIS reduces the need for extensive maintenance. The robust nature of solid materials contributes to the long-term reliability of the switchgear, offering a more stable and low-maintenance solution for 10-kilovolt systems.

Solid insulated switchgear SIS and Zinc sprayed vacuum circuit breaker

      2.Why Choose Degatech’s Integrated Solution:

  • Eco-Friendly Design:** – Opt for sustainability with our eco-conscious solution, crafted from environmentally friendly materials and innovative technology.
  • Space Optimization:** – Streamline your projects with our compact design, ensuring efficient integration into any space-limited environment.
  • Reliability and Performance:** – Trust in our solution’s robust performance, delivering stability under diverse conditions, including extreme temperatures and heavy loads.
  • Smart Grid Integration:** – Seamlessly connect to smart grids for enhanced efficiency and monitoring, ensuring proactive maintenance and optimal energy management.
  • Compliance Assurance:** – Rest assured with our solution’s adherence to industry standards, guaranteeing safety, quality, and reliability.
  • Expert Support and Customization:** – Receive personalized assistance from our dedicated team, offering expert guidance and tailored solutions to meet your project needs.


As a testament to Degatech’s commitment to excellence, sustainability, and reliability in medium voltage switchgear technology, this integrated solution stands at the forefront of innovation. Choose the 10kV Solid Insulated Switchgear with Zinc-Sprayed Vacuum Circuit Breaker – the future of integrated medium voltage solutions. Choose Degatech.


**Q&A with Degatech’s Sales Manager: Navigating Customer-Centric Sales, Service, and Delivery**

Q: How does Degatech prioritize customer experience in sales and service?

A: Customer experience is our priority. We tailor our approach, ensuring a seamless journey from sale to ongoing support.

Q: How does Degatech stay agile in adapting sales and service strategies?

A: Regular training and staying informed about market dynamics allow us to adapt swiftly.

Q: What role does innovation play in sales and service at Degatech?

A: Innovation is integral, driving continuous improvement in our products and services.

Q: How does Degatech ensure timely and reliable delivery of its products?

A: Timely delivery is a cornerstone of our service. We employ robust logistics and communication channels to ensure our products reach our clients when and where they need them.

Q: How does Degatech ensure the safe and secure delivery of its products, particularly for delicate or specialized equipment?

A: Safety is non-negotiable. For delicate equipment, we employ specialized packaging and work closely with trusted logistics partners to ensure secure and damage-free deliveries.

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