Features of Degatech’s Solid Insulated Switchgear SIS

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Degatech's 10kV Solid Insulated Switchgear  Degatech's 10kV Solid Insulated Switchgear with Zinc-Sprayed Vacuum Circuit Breaker: Enhancing Medium Voltage Solutions Degatech Solid Insulated Switchgear stands as a testament to innovation and sustainability in medium voltage technology. With its eco-friendly design, solid insulation, and customer-centric approach, it exemplifies our commitment to providing reliable and efficient solutions for

Environmental-Friendly Insulated Switchgear

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Degatech's Environmental-Friendly 10kV Insulated Switchgear - Versatile Options for a Greener Future In a revolutionary stride towards sustainability, Degatech unveils an Environmental-Friendly Insulated Switchgear 10kV with versatile options, offering 630A and 1250A configurations. Going beyond traditional designs by eliminating the need for air insulation, this groundbreaking technology champions environmental consciousness and elevates electrical