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Zhejiang Degatech Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a diverse and comprehensive enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales, and service of transmission and distribution equipment up to 35kV. Our main products include solid insulated ring main unit switchgear, gas insulated switchgear, and eco-friendly switchgear. We continuously introduce modern production equipment and manufacturing processes, invest in product research and development, and cultivate scientific and technological talent.


Ring Main Unit, Gas Insulated Switchgear, Eco-friendly Switchgear, Oil& Dry type transformer, Epoxy Resin Bushing, Circuit breaker, Vacuum Interrupter Tube etc.

Range Wide Products

At Degatech, we excel in below 35kV equipment, offering advanced technology, customized solutions, rigorous testing. Trust us for reliable, efficient, and expert power solutions.


Choose Degatech for switchgear manufacturing because reliability is at the heart of our mission. Trust us to power your future with precision and excellence.

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Products that have been self-verified and certified by national laboratories, get Grade A praise twice.


We offer comprehensive service for below 35kV equipment, from consultation and design to installation and maintenance. Ensuring reliable, efficient, and top-quality support.

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Passionate and professional, we  will reply to your message within 24 hours.


We ensure timely and secure delivery of your products. Our efficient logistics and dedicated team guarantee that your products arrive safely and on schedule.

Fastest delivery time

It is close to Ningbo port and can deliver goods to the port within 2 days.

Zhejiang Degatech Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Committed to the goals of high quality and precision, combined with the wisdom and diligence of our employees, we consistently provide customers with high-quality and high-performance products. We strive for excellence, producing top-notch products, and establishing comprehensive technical support and robust after-sales service.

Innovation and development are our core principles. In response to the rapidly evolving power industry, we focus on management innovation, technological innovation, and production innovation. We adapt to changing realities, transform, and upgrade to stay current. By offering advanced, high-precision products and high-quality services, we secure stable cooperation with both new and longstanding customers. We warmly welcome users to establish close cooperative relationships with us and work together to create a brighter future.

ring main unit 10kv 35kv

Ring main unit Medium voltage switchgear

right side solid insulated switchgear SIS

Eco-Friendly Switchgear Gas insulated switchgear

fuse type vacuum circuit breaker

Circuit breaker With fuse type

zinc spared type vacuum circuit breaker 630A /1250A 12KV 35KV ring main unit core

zinc sprayed vaccum circuit breaker

vacuum circuit breaker for eco-friendly switchgear front side

Eco-friendly material vaccum circuit breaker

Mechanical structure of vacuum circuit breaker

Spring mechanical structure

transformer 30kva 50kva 60kva Dry type transformer epoxy resin

Dry type transformer

transformer 1600kva 1250kva 1000kva Oil immersed

oil Immersed transformer

epoxy resin bushing together

epoxy resin bushing

vacuum interrupter for ring main unit gas insulated switchgaer

vacuum interrupter tube

Our Core Values

Our mission at Degatech Electric is to deliver top-tier products like switchgear, transformer, epoxy resin bushing, ensuring the safe and efficient distribution of electrical power. We are committed to driving advancements in technology while prioritizing environmental sustainability.

We are committed to the pursuit of higher quality

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